How well do you really know yourself? And to what extend are you aware of your horse’s preferences? Do you sometimes feel there’s a lack of progress in your training? Or are you anxious, angry or despaired because you don’t understand why your horse reacts in a certain way? Is your riding fine, but are you looking for ways to achieve even better results in your training and competition?

We help you to gain insight into your own behaviour and communication patterns. This enables you to increase your self-knowledge and self-awareness so that you will become more aware of your behaviour, your subconscious motives and communication style. Additionally, Q4HorseProfile will also provide insight into your horse´s style. Insight into your horse´s preferences helps you to adjust your own behaviour to suit your horse´s needs. This leads to a much nicer interaction with your horse, will boost your training and leads to better results.

It doesn´t matter whether you compete at Grand Prix level or prefer a relaxed hack. Q4HorseProfile is a valuable tool for a better understanding of yourself as well as your horse and suits every discipline and level. Because you learn how to tune in to your horse you will soon reap the benefits from the improved communication between you and your horse. In doing so Q4HorseProfile significantly enhances the level of pleasure experienced between horse and rider.

Q4HorseProfile: Team up with your Horse!