Who we are

Esther Huisman developed Q4HorseProfile. She had a background in Work Psychology and since the start of her company in 2007 she trains teams and managers in changing organisations. She uses the DISC-model in all of her training and consultancy. With Q4HorseProfile she combines her knowledge of human behaviour with her passion for horses. She is the proud owner of two geldings, Ex and Lennox.

Roy Ramdjanamsingh and Eline Reijnders are the owners of Q4Profiles (www.q4profiles.com).

Q4 Profiles is a specialist in online behavioural analysis. The Q4 Profiles tools, specialise in online behavioural analysis. The Q4 Profiles tools bring individual behaviour, attitude, communication style and personal strength into focus. Our strength is that we clearly distinguish conscious and unconscious motives and document these effectively.