What we do

Your personal Q4HorseProfile is based on two questionnaires you fill in online. The result is an extended, 40 pages report. It describes i.a. your personal preferences, your communication style and what type of rider you are. How do you behave when interacting with your horse? What is your preferential style during training? What do you consider effective in terms of receiving training and instructions? By providing insight into these aspects you will be better equipped to understand your own (rider) behaviour.

Next to that we describe your horse’s preferred style, in various situations such as grooming and tacking up, training, instruction and competitions. Additionally, Q4HorseProfile describes features of you and your horse as a combination. We  provides you specific tips to enhance your riding and training. Insight into your horse´s preferences helps you to adjust your own behaviour to suit your horse´s needs. This leads to a much nicer interaction with your horse, will boost your training and leads to better results.

HorseProfile coaches

To really understand and apply the information in your riding and training in a proper way, we have certified HorseProfile Coaches to help you. All our HorseProfile Coaches are experienced equestrian professionals, with a solid educational background. Therefore, we guarantee you a professional support. To find a HorseProfile Coach, send us an mail.


People differ from each other. That’s a good thing, because it makes the world more diverse and colourful. And it also explains why with some people you instantly ‘click’, you understand each other with one word. While with others communicating takes more effort, and it sometimes even feels like you’re on different planets. This is why one training gives you a lot of energy, and the other feels like time won’t pass.

Understanding your personal Behavioural Style and your client’s helps you to train with more energy and joy, and improves the effectiveness of your instructions. As a result, your clients gain higher profits from their lessons, and they’re more satisfied by your instructions.

The use of Q4HorseProfile gives an extra dimension to your training. We teach you how to recognize the various behavioural styles and how you can adjust your instructions to improve your effectiveness. If you have a solid equestrian background, you can become a certified HorseProfile Coach. As a HorseProfile Coach you have access to the system, you can provide Q4HorseProfiles to your clients and help them understand and apply the information. For more information, please contact us..